London’s Cultural Banquet. What to Feast your Eyes upon in the coming weeks.

Here is my pick of some things to go and see over the next week or two…

James Turrell at PACE Gallery (Green Park)


PACE Gallery offers up some of the most exciting cross-medium art events and exhibitions world wide. Last year Jay-Z graced their New York space for 6 hours to perform his song ‘Picasso Baby’ whilst Marina Abramović circled him like an ethereal bird, alongside other many other performative artists. Sounds strange – but it was fascinating. ( The gallery showcases and represents some of the most exciting contemporary artists working today; James Turrell being one of them. I first encountered Turrell’s work in Venice during the Biennale and his work utterly astounded me.  Working mainly through the medium of LED light in installed spaces, Turrell’s work is mesmerizing and completely immersive. Intensely bright rectangles of changing colours seep out of their ‘frames’ towards you. Upon experiencing his work ‘Acton’ a friend of mine actually back away in shock from the uncertainty of not knowing where his art begins and ends.

At the PACE gallery’s space behind the Royal Academy, Turrell’s work is currently on display. His pieces are beautiful, immersive and refreshingly different. Go and take a look. Continue reading


Waiting for Wonderful Wes: The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Flicking through the Guardian’s helpful guide to the highlights of 2014, I was delighted to see the announcement of the new Wes Anderson film. After promptly watching the trailer once, twice, three times…oh and another time because my mother walked in the room, I am itching with excitement but also deflating like a balloon at the prospect of having to wait a few months until its release. (Why are all films promoted so much earlier than their release date?)

Like many others I fell in love with Sam and Suzy’s whirlwind romance across the wooded landscape of the Island of New Penzance in Anderson’s previous film Moonrise Kingdom and so am overjoyed by the prospect of feasting on his latest creation. Watching his films feels like filling your lungs with a breath of fresh air. Or returning to a great dream as you get to enter a different world and follow the Anderson brigade through their bizarre adventures. Continue reading