Hmmm. What’s on my bookshelf this week?


This month I’m working at a publishing house. So in an ode to the written words poured out into the books surrounding me in the office, I have decided to take a look at what books currently have me hooked.

‘So come up to the lab. And see what’s on the slab.

I see you shiver with antici… pation!’ Continue reading


Life inside a Cabinet of Curiosity: Sitting on the Sofa with Sir John Soane and Mariano Fortuny

Domenico Remps (1620–1699) (photo from WGA)

Philip Hoare wrote a great article a few weeks ago for the Guardian (my fave) about the resurgence of curiosity for the Cabinet of Curiosity in museums today. He highlighted upcoming exhibitions and new forms of curation that reveal a taste for stuffed animals and objects of naturalia within the realm of fine art. In recent years the type of objects and means of display pioneered within the Renaissance Wunderkammer (aka Cabinet of Curiosity) has gained momentum due to artists such as Damien Hirst reinventing them. The structure of the cabinet is intriguing and to have a single art piece or show based on it is fascinating. However what I am more interested in is what happens when you build your Wunderkammer around you in your home and you become the central object? Continue reading

My Desert Island Artworks

In an interview a few weeks ago I was asked which five works of art I would chose to own if I was a collector. A work of art from any period in history. It sounded to me like my very own desert island discs hit list, the ultimate fantasy forage, despite the fact Kirsty Young wasn’t sat in front of me.

I am basing this on the radio show and so have chosen 7 works of art to take with me to put on display in my hand built wooden shack gallery space on my desert island. Here are my Desert Island Artworks:

1. Valentin Serov, ‘Ida Rubinstein’, 1910


Without sounding too cheesy, this is the first painting that ever caught me be surprise. Continue reading